A website is your home on the internet. Your own house You bought it; you do not rent. The fundamental basis of any solid digital presence.

If you have any doubt about this, the following section is for you.


Maybe you heard or thought:

"The website was already, now people use social networks"

That's true.

And in social networks, people share links. Links that lead to websites. Oh, and do not forget that there are search engines too: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and their fantastic little friends. And when we search there are links. Links that lead to websites.


A website is your property on the internet. Your space in cyberspace. There you are free to decide how you want to show your brand, what features you want to include and which do not ...

Does Google and Facebook allow you to do this?

If you still have doubts, google serious companies and see if they have a website or not.

Nexron.pk specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of corporate websites and portals for organizations of all sizes; from a static site to highly complex portals integrated into the company's management systems.



We have consulting services to assist our clients in the design of their digital strategy, identify Internet exploitation opportunities and help them in the construction and production of the sites. We build self-managed, high-productivity sites based on our products. 

It does not matter if your company is large, medium or small, or if your technology budget is large or small, we have a wide range of products and services that meet your requirements.

For more information about how to implement your company's Website, contact Innova Nexron.pk, or click here.


Scalable because it will be developed in a way that is simple to add new features. With the changing and competitive internet, you cannot wait months for a programmer to do it.

That also means that you can start by asking for a simple web, and as your business grows it can grow along with your website, to have a store with online product sales and everything.

Easy to modify because they are self-administrating. If you choose, we give you access to an intuitive administration panel so that your team and you can add content, and even modify the design or technical characteristics.


Before we talked about social networks and search engines, which are today the main sources of traffic generation to websites. We develop websites optimized for search engines, so when a page of your website appears on Google, it will be displayed in an attractive and competitive way to generate qualified and useful visits for your goals. And of course, we also think about social networks, so your visitors can follow you on your networks, share the pages of your website and see them as you want them to look: with the photo and text that corresponds.

Logically, our websites are ready to integrate the most popular advertising platforms: Google, Facebook, etc.

Do you need any other integration? Whatever you think, we do it.


That in other places they will not tell you or they will offer it as an option, for us it is fundamental.

All our websites are made so that they look good on cell phones, tablets, and computers.

All our websites have statistical reports. Because it is obvious that you will have to invest time and money in getting traffic to your website, we want you to know how they are performing (or not) each of the traffic sources that you work with. Your needs, your website.

We are going to sit down to chat and you are going to tell us what you need. Whether it's selling products, offering services, receiving inquiries, ordering budgets, supporting your customers, or whatever, we're going to develop a customized website.

We talk about selling products instead of e-commerce. They are almost synonymous, but we prefer that you understand us instead of being overwhelmed with terms from our area to look great. 

We solve everything so that you take care of your business

Did you see that you are reaching the end of this page and we are not talking about Responsive, Hosting, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP?


  • Attractive design
  • That your visitors have a good experience in it.
  • That will help you to concretize your objectives
  • That saves you complications



  • We develop self-managed Websites using the most popular CMS's (Content Management System) such as WordPress, as well as custom sites.
  • We develop Websites with an eCommerce platform, integrating with the main means of payment (Mercado Pago, Paypal, Todo Pago, etc.).
  • They are optimized for excellent positioning in Google (SEO).
  • The websites could be multi-language.
  • Integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.).
  • Integration with CRM and Social CRM (Jumplead, Hubspot, Marketo, Agile, etc.).
  • Integration with Traffic Statistics (Google Analytics).
  • If you already have web design, we will take care of designing the site.
  • We also develop custom plugins or applications.
  • They can be hosted in our hosting or in which you indicate us.


Free Website Consultation


The website development allows your company to respond to the needs of the present and be adaptable to future requirements by including additional modules. Considering the site as a technological platform that organizes and manages your page in a centralized manner, you can adopt various interfaces without ceasing to be a friendly and simple to use the system.
Yes. Your website will be created with the WordPress content manager. It is the best tool to develop self-managed websites. Through an administration panel, you can access a private area, in which very simple and intuitive, you can update and modify the contents of your website. To give you an idea, where the contents are modified, it is usually very similar to a Word document.
Do not worry, the customer support of Nexron.pk will help you teach you the general forms of editing. And if necessary, our team will help you out by creating a manual for you to learn how to manage your own website.
You can be sure that your new website will be completely made to your liking. Obviously, you will be advised by our senior representatives of Nexron.pk, but before starting the programming, our team will do a design test where you can see in the image a sketch of your website, its appearance, and attractiveness. Once validated the design we will go to the web development. Before ending the project, we will see it together again to make any type of modification that you consider appropriate until leaving the new perfect website.
All the web design and development work our team do is optimized for SEO positioning. These positioning techniques do not guarantee any position in the search results in Google, but they are essential for the search engine to know what your website is about, what sector you are dedicated to and why terms or keywords have to show you.
If you already have a web page and want to change it in order to have a more updated one, our developers will develop the new web in a different directory, where only we can access. Once the development of the new website is complete, we proceed to make a copy of the "old" website so that you do not lose it and this will be replaced by the new website.
If you already have a domain and web hosting hired, the new website will be hosted on the server where you already have these services. Our team will make the necessary configurations. If you do not have these services, the representatives of Nexron.pk will take care of hosting the new website.